Trial Overnight

A trial overnight in a new home is always a great idea for any dog in order to help them adjust and get comfortable before a longer visit. And because the safety of the dogs in our care, and the harmony within our homes, is so important to us, new doggie guests may be required to do a trial overnight. This will be determined during the meet and greet. Specifically, we are concerned about aggression towards other dogs and/or people, extreme food or toy possessiveness, indoor pottying, anxiety and/or excessive barking or whining, excessive mounting (humping), destruction and escape attempts. Our aim is that all our doggie guests enjoy their visit stress free. Disruptive behaviour as listed above can create an unpleasant atmosphere for other visiting dogs and caregivers. Due to the extra care and time required to integrate your dog into the home and help ensure a positive experience and outcome, a trial overnight fee does apply.

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