What every Nosy Barkers visitor needs to know

Nosy Barkers Boarding is fully insured and bonded.

First time registrants are required to provide the following;
• detailed information regarding your dog
• proof of up-to-date shots

All dogs must be;

• spayed or neutered by the age of 9 months
• socialized and comfortable around people and other dogs
• up-to-date with vaccinations—Bordetella (kennel cough) is recommended
• on a flea prevention program from May to November
• house broken — sorry, no pee pads!
• registered in the city where they live and wear I.D. tags or be chipped


All pet sitters have signed a non-compete agreement with the Company. They are not allowed to solicit or accept pet sitting assignments “on the side.” Should they do so, they will lose their jobs as well as their liability and bonding insurance coverage provided through the company. Please do not solicit pet sitting directly from your pet sitter, and help us to keep our good pet sitters on staff so that we may continue to provide quality care to the pets of Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville.


The Toronto Municiple Code Chapter 349 requires that all dogs owned in the City of Toronto must be licensed and wearing a tag. Failure to license your dog each year may result in a fine. If an unlicensed dog is fined under our care, it will be the responsibility of the owner to pay that fine.

Meet and Greet
An initial meet and greet is very important as it provides your dog with an opportunity to meet the caregiver and see the home he will be staying in before being left for the actual boarding period. When you set up your meet and greet with a home please respect the caregivers time and show up on time, or call if you know you will be late.

Trial Overnight for New Guests
Because the safety of the dogs in our care, and the harmony within our homes, is so important to us, new doggie guests may be required to do a trial overnight. This will be determined during the meet and greet. Specifically, we are concerned about aggression towards other dogs and/or people, extreme food or toy possessiveness, excessive barking or whining, excessive mounting (humping), destruction and escape attempts. Our aim is that all our doggie guests enjoy their visit stress free. DIsruptive behaviour as listed above can create an unpleasant atmosphere for dogs and caregivers. Due to the extra care and time required to integrate your dog into the home and help ensure a positive experience and outcome, a trial fee does apply.

What You’ll Need To Bring
Food*, bowls, treats, leash, poop bags, toys, bedding and anything else that will make your dog feel comfortable during the visit. If your dog requires a crate for security or because of destructive behaviour when left alone, please be sure to bring it.

*Owners are required to bring enough food to last the entire stay. In the case where the purchase of additional food or treats is necessary, owners will be responsible for that cost including the mileage necessary to fulfill the task. A receipt will be available on request.


Once your booking is confirmed you can choose to pay by VISA, Mastercard, Paypal or E-Transfer. Payments will be processed immediately. We do not accept personal cheques. During peak periods we require a 50% deposit on confirmation of the booking with the balance due before your dog is dropped off for the visit. At all other times full payment is due before dropoff. A few days prior to your dropoff date you will receive a payment reminder email with a link and instructions to make your payment online.

Dropoffs and Pickups

These are our private homes and as such it is important that you notify us if you are going to be late or early for dropoff or pickup. Unscheduled dropins cannot be accommodated.

Emergency care

In the event of an emergency, your dog will be taken to the veterinarian specified on registry if it is within a reasonable distance from the boarding home. If the situation is time sensitive, we will take your dog to the closest Veterinarian to the boarding home. Your authorization is required by the vet before tgreatment. You will also be asked to provide a credit card number for payment of vet services.