Why start with a Meet and Greet?

It’s time for your pup’s first stay with Nosy Barkers! Our top priority is making sure that your dog is happy, safe and comfy during a visit with us, and the first step is choosing a boarding home. It’s all about the fit and how your dog harmonizes with a particular household.

Enter the Meet & Greet

Unlike a kennel stay, when your dog spends her vacation in a Nosy Barkers home you know exactly who will be taking care of her every day, where she’ll sleep, and what daily life is like here–because we make sure that you can visit to meet us and our pets beforehand.

A “Meet & Greet” is designed to put your mind at ease and to make sure that your pup is comfortable when you drop her off for her vacation stay. Most dogs feel safe and happy in familiar places, with people they know. Once you’ve done a Meet & Greet, your boarding home isn’t a strange foreign land any more–it’s somewhere your dog has visited before and where she feels safe.

A Meet & Greet serves several purposes at once. It gives you the chance to:

  • Meet the dog lover who will be caring for your best friend while you’re away
  • See the home where your dog will stay
  • Meet other animals living in the home
  • Find out where your dog will sleep and who will feed her
  • Tell us about your dog’s personality and any special quirks
  • Ask as many questions as you’d like

It also allows your dog to:

  • Make a new human friend
  • Get comfortable in a new environment before you drop her off for a week
  • Meet other dogs who live in the boarding home

One of the most important parts of the Meet & Greet is ensuring that your dog gets along well with the other dogs in the house. We do our best to match your pup with a home that has the right energy level and lifestyle.

We would never push you or your dog to accept a home where you’re not completely comfortable. If the chemistry isn’t quite right, we’ll find you another boarding home instead!

The Key to a Successful Meet & Greet

All you need to bring to your Meet & Greet is yourself and your pup, but please keep your dog on leash at first, since this allows everyone to get comfortable gradually and keeps the wild puppy rumpus a bit more contained.

Keep in mind that every dog is unique [link to Choosing the right home]. A home that would be perfect for a rambunctious puppy may not be a good fit for an older dog who needs shorter walks and a quieter home. If your first Meet & Greet doesn’t work out, we take it as an opportunity to learn and to place your dog in a home better suited for her.

Ready to book your own Meet & Greet? Check out our Community where you can see profiles of our boarding homes then check availability for your dates. Or if you’re not sure, request a home recommendation.