Choosing the right boarding home for your dog

Every dog is different. A year-old lab puppy wants to run and wrestle with anything that moves, while an older mastiff may like nothing more than napping in front of the couch… or even on the couch, if he can get away with it.

Whether your dog is an exuberant athlete or a prize couch potato, you want to find the right environment for his vacation–and the right home will be different for every dog. The more we know about your best friend, the better we’re able to match him with the perfect home for his holiday.

Energy level

First and foremost, we want to know about your dog’s energy level. If your pup can run a marathon and still bounce around in circles at the finish line, then he belongs in an active home with other active dogs, where exuberant play and long walks are the norm–and preferably a house with a yard!

If your dog is having hip trouble, starting to slow down with age, or comes from a breed that’s naturally more laid back, then you definitely want to find a boarding home that moves at the same relaxed pace.

Submissive or Assertive?

The next thing we try to match is your dog’s natural way of interacting with other people and animals.

Every dog has a personality. In humans, we talk about introverts and extroverts, type A personalities and team players. When it comes to dogs, we want to know whether your pooch is dominant or submissive, shy or assertive, and whether he gets along with big and small dogs or would rather have some personal space.

How does your pup act when he first meets new dogs? Does he play rough with other dogs, or is he more likely to greet them calmly and then wander away? Is he shy and sensitive, in need of lots of TLC, or does he assume that every room (and every piece of furniture) is his? Does he need to be handled firmly to prevent him from stealing dinner off the counter?

Fears and Phobias

Is your pup scared of thunderstorms or buses? How does he react to loud noises? Some dogs get spooked on stairs or are shy when they meet other dogs. Others bark at strangers or hide from children. Knowing your dog’s quirks is important so we can place him in the right home.

Safety concerns

Last but not least, are there any special things we should keep an eye on for your dog’s safety?

Some dogs have a high scent drive. Others dislike small children, or can’t be trusted with dog toys. If your puppy is a destructive chewer or needs to be in a puppy-proofed space, please let us know so we can match you with the best-fit boarding home.

Nosy Barker homes

Each Nosy Barker home is a little bit different. Please take a look at our Community page to learn about our available homes, or request the best match for your dog today.