For the love of dogs!

By now you’ve probably already heard about Chloe and Bau – two much loved and spoiled Apricot Poodles. At 12 and 15 years old respectively, the babies are, well… no longer babies. I can’t imagine not having them in my life and I know that my life has been much richer because of them. Those of you who have fallen in love with your dogs will understand, and those of you who haven’t… well, there’s still time!

I would never betray the trust of these two loyal dogs which is why they have never seen the inside of a kennel or boarded at a facility or Veterinarian’s. And I want to be able to offer that same level of caring and love to the dogs of other people just like me.

In my home, which includes a six year old budding hockey player and a retired professional, your dog will be treated like one of the family, plain and simple.

UPDATE: Bau left us at the age of 16. My greatest wish is that he will look back on his life with happiness, knowing he was much loved.

Chloe is still the reigning princess and now has two new boys to keep in line. Tahja, currently 8 months and as lovely and goofy as any puppy, and Symbah whom we adopted at 18 months. Both are Standard Poodles and their joy and energy has filled our home to the rafters.

COMPATABILITY  This home is great for any sized dogs that love to play!! Due to a recent allergy development we can only take non-shedding dogs. Offering dog boarding for the Toronto & GTA, AND Mississauga areas.

Happy visitors make for happy owners!


“Our two standard poodles, CJ and Zuzu, have only had short times away from us in the past and we’ve boarded them at a local kennel. We’ve never been very happy about that but, it has never been for more than a few days. Because we were going to be gone for two weeks this time, we started to look around for an alternative to the kennel and discovered home boarding. Tiffany and her family welcomed our “babies” into their home, which included her son and two miniature poodles. Everyone got along just fine! We knew immediately that our dogs were in good hands. In hindsight, I am so glad we chose Nosy Barkers. While we were away, CJ got sick. Tiffany noticed quickly that CJ wasn’t eating, identified what the problem was and rushed her to the emergency vet clinic. Had CJ been in a kennel, I don’t want to think about how long it would have been before someone noticed she had a problem. Tiffany took care of CJ as if she were her own. While it was upsetting to learn that our dog was sick when were were so far away and unable to do anything, it was very reassuring to know that Tiffany was doing everything that we would have done for her, including giving her all of her medication, and lots and lots of love. Tiffany was terrific with her regular phone and email updates too. Thank you Tiffany. CJ and Zuzu will be back again for sure!”— Karen & Steve


“Tiffany took great care to find the right carer for our dog, Murphy, often looking after him herself. The care was exceptional and made our necessary absences completely guilt free. Murphy has since passed away, but we would have no hesitation in asking Tiffany to find suitable carers for our new hound when we return to Canada.” — Mike


“You know, I am so calm and secure when I drop Colebury off with you. I worry about him all the time when I leave him (and NOT just because he might be angry enough to strew garbage all over the house!) but when he’s with Nosy Barkers I am as calm as…well, as calm as I can be at any time. I really respect the way you take care of him, and am forever grateful. I recommend you to all my friends…with a happy heart.” — Karen


“Hi Tiffany – what an adorable picture, thanks for sending it. George was very sad for the first three days back home, cried and whimpered when we were right there with him… I know he was missing you and “all” your family, which is a good thing for me, KNOWING HE IS HAPPY WITH YOU MAKES ME HAPPY. thanks again for the great care you give him!” —  Anne