Fountain of youth!

At Stacey’s house there must be something in the water… at least that’s what Mytze, her 19 year old Beagle mix says. Although it could be the great location, big fenced in back yard, constant love and attention or even trips up to the cottage. Whatever it is, Mytze is still doing great and can be seen taking strolls around the neighbourhood, often with visiting dogs.

UPDATE Sadly Mytze passed away at the ripe old age of 20. She is greatly missed by the whole family.

COMPATABILITY  Stacey is home during the day and welcomes all non-agressive dogs, large or small. Dog boarding for Etobicoke, Toronto and GTA.

Happy visitors make for happy owners!


“Thanks Stacey for all the wonderful things you provide my little pack while I’m out of town. I travel with complete peace of mind knowing you will be taking care of my dogs. I have to say that my Sukki is quite in love with you and I wonder if she mopes when I bring her home because I have been away or because she hates leaving you!” —Willa


“Hi Tiffany, We would absolutely recommend Stacey to anyone who requires dog boarding services! Our dog is like a child to us and our criteria list is very particular. Conventional kennels are out of the question, and storefront daycares were impersonal. Stacey keeps a very clean home, is very loving toward our dog, forgiving of his mischievious streak (hehe), and provides e-mail updates for our peace of mind. Thank-you, Nosy Barkers, for coming up with this concept! We are happy clients.” — Melanie and Ian


“We have had Stacey care for our dog Bob a number of times, and we are so impressed with the care and love that she gives Bob each time we go there. Her home is spotless, spacious, and has easy access to a play yard. Bob is a small dog, and when we take him to Stacey’s, as soon as we turn onto her street, Bob is trying to jump out the car window to get there faster! He loves her to death, and is really a little miffed with us when we come to take him home after his visit! The care is exceptional, Bob is so happy to go there, and Stacey is a wonderful and kind person. I would tell anyone who needs dog care to call Nosy Barkers and leave their pups with Stacey.” — Sheryl and Bob


“I have left my dog, Lottie, with Stacey on two occasions and have been very impressed with her professionalism and warmth – she genuinely loves animals! The second time I took Lottie to Stacey’s, she couldn’t wait to get into the house and when I picked her up, she was in no great hurry to leave which I think says it all. It is a great relief to be able to leave Lottie with Stacey with complete peace of mind.” — Vivienne


“Stacey is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She tries so hard to make the dogs staying with her feel comfortable and loved. We started leaving our Goldendoodle Maggie with her a few years ago. Maggie LOVES going to Staceys house and always gives her a big greeting, then runs off and plays completely forgetting that I am there ! I never have to worry about her while we are gone because I know how well she is cared for. You can always tell from a dogs body language what they think of a place and Maggie usually pulls me towards Staceys door when we are near her house! I have used other daycare/boarding services in the past and none come close to the quality of care that my Maggie receives from Stacey and the others at Nosybarkers. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks Stacey and Tiffany!”


“We moved to Toronto in October with our dog Molson, who’s 10 years old now. Up until now we’ve been lucky to have friends take care of him when we travel for work. Finding someone trustworthy in Toronto was a huge worry for me, then we found Nosy Barkers and Stacey. Stacey has taken Molson a few times now and each time he’s been so excited to arrive at her house. He absolutely loves it there. Sometimes there are other dogs which helps keep him entertained. Molson likes to sleep beside our bed, so I love that he gets to sleep next to Stacey. This was very important to me and she keeps me posted throughout our travels to let me know that our baby is ok. She loves dogs as much as I do, and really makes them feel like family. I would HIGHLY recommend Stacey to anyone who is looking for a loving, caring and trustworthy dog sitter.”


“Hi there, I just wanted to tell you how delighted my husband and I have been with the care our dog Willow has had at Stacey’s. She has always been so kind and caring when we have left our dog to Stacey when we have gone on vacation. We know how much she has enjoyed herself when she has tried to take us up the driveway to Stacey’s house when we have gone for a walk in the neighborhood. We would highly recommend Stacey to anyone wanting a home away from home stay for their dog. She truly welcomes them into the family for their stay. I don’t know who ends up having a better vacation!” — Leslie.


“Stacey is simply amazing and brilliant. She has become Roxy’s favorite parent (after us of course). After boarding Roxy in a couple of different kennels it became immediately apparent we needed to find another solution. At the time, my husband and I were traveling quite frequently for work and Roxy began suffering from severe allergic reactions. We needed to find someone who would take care of all of her special needs (and there were many). Like some miracle, Stacey came shining through. From the moment we met Stacey we knew our worries for Roxy while we were away were gone. Stacey quickly adopted all of Roxy’s medical routines including: administering medication (pills) multiple times per day; applying ointments; giving her injections, etc. Stacey was also great at spotting any new reactions and acting on them immediately. She is also fantastic at keeping Roxy from scratching herself, which she often does to the point of injury. Stacey can handle anything Roxy throws at her with the same love and care we give her. Stacey is also great at keeping us up to date with any new developments and even sends us pictures of her when we are away. Finally my husband and I have found a place where when we leave Roxy we have absolutely no worries about her, despite her challenging health conditions. Stacey has become a member of our family. Thank you Stacey.”


“I just wanted to send you a quick message letting you know just how thrilled and excited we are to have found Stacey’s services with Nosy Barkers! Our dog, Dude, just experienced his first doggie vacation, and I don’t think any of us where quite expecting it to be as good as it was. Not only did we require someone to watch Dude on short notice, but he can also be a little bit of a handful. However, Stacey didn’t seem to mind and she did a phenomenal job!! It is very evident that Stacey welcomed Dude into her home with open arms and much love. Since he has returned home from his adventures, he has been exhausted and we suspect he is missing the company of Stacey and the new friends he made during his visit. Dude is a huge part of our life and we take great precaution when making decisions about his needs and safety- we know that with Stacey/Nosy Barkers, Dude is in the hands of a true dog-lover and kind-hearted caregiver. We are really happy to have found Nosy Barkers and Stacey and we look forward to our next Dude-cation! Thank You.” — Dude, Tanya and Chris