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Karen is a Certified EFT Practitioner with over 20 years experience in energy medicine and natural health. So it’s no wonder her two Flat-Coated Retrievers lived a long and healthy life enjoying home made dog food and regular hikes in the country. Now that the house is empty and Karen is working from home, she misses the companionship of her faithful friends and looks forward to having 4-legged visitors to share her walks with.

UPDATE Karen has recently moved to the lovely region of Caledon.

COMPATABILITY  This home is perfect for dogs that are 1 year and older, enjoy long hikes and are good off-leash. Karen is home during the day and welcomes all non-aggressive dogs. Offering dog boarding for the Toronto & GTA, Mississauga, Caledon, Bolton, Brampton Orangeville and Erin areas.

Happy visitors make for happy owners!


“Scoop’s visit was amazing and Karen is a god send. This has actually changed our lives in that we are able to go away on vacation now. We’ve had so many experiences where scoop has been traumatized and had terrible separation anxiety afterwards. We practically had to bait him into the car to get him to leave her place!” — Kayla


“Thanks for the great care you take with our doggies. They love being with you and are very tired when they come home. They are never crazy to leave your place however.” — Marla


“Hi Tiffany, I just wanted to let you know that Panda and I have been extremely happy boarding her with Karen. It’s like Panda gets to go on vacation whenever I go away. In fact we even go up there occasionally to go on a walk with Karen and Katy on the weekend. Mike also loves Panda and it seems all the other dogs too. Karen is also very accommodating with times for dropping off and picking up so it makes it easy. Thanks for setting up this service so both Panda and I can be completely relaxed and happy when I have to travel!” — Carol and Panda


“Karen has looked after my dog, Lottie, on several occasions. Lottie loves going to Karen’s and usually comes back looking toned and fit as Karen lives outside the city and takes the dogs in her care for extra-long walks on the surrounding trails. I am completely confident when leaving Lottie at Karen’s that she will be well looked after and happy while I am gone.” — Vivienne


“Our Labradoodle, Amber, has stayed with Karen twice now for up to two weeks at a time. When we dropped her off for the second stay she ran out the car to greet Karen. She clearly loves spending time with Karen and that is because she is treated so well. She goes on long walks and even goes on walking trails out of town! Amber really seems to enjoy the “vacation hot spot” at Karen’s place.” — Desiree


“Rosie clearly had a great time with you. I understand she was a bit resistant to leaving! I’m determined to get her out on some country walks now that it seems she’s over her carsickness – and thanks to you for that too! I’m really delighted.” — Anne


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of him. I can’t tell you how nice it is to know that he has a great place to go when we’re away where we not only don’t have to worry about him – we know he’ s having more fun than we are!” — Tricia


“Hi Karen and Mike, thanks again to both of you for the love and care you give Abbey while we are away. You are the best substitute doggie parents I have ever met. We truly appreciate all you do. I never worry about Abbey when she’s with you. Your house is her home-away-from-home. She likes it there. No… She LOVES it there!” — Helga and Dana


“If dogs could talk, our young golden retriever would have a lot of great things to say about the wonderful time he had staying with Karen in Caledon. Hiking, swimming, playing ball – Cedar says he never experienced a boring moment during his 10-day stay in this picturesque country paradise. These days, the sight of a suitcase gets Cedar barking – he’s probably wondering when he can go back on vacation in Caledon!” — Trish


“Karen, thanks again so much for looking after Bolt. It was a huge relief to get everything sorted out and organized on such short notice. Meeting with you for the intro session really helped us to know that we were leaving him in good hands and with a few chums for him to get to know and play with. I’m glad everything went smoothly for you and Bolt was (mostly!) a good boy. Bolt is definitely tired out from plenty of exercise, and is definitely sporting a heavier coat from all his time outside. Many thanks! Tiffany, thanks for setting us up with the right home for Bolt. Your suggestion of Karen’s home in the country with lots of space for Bolt to run was exactly right. We won’t hesitate to come to you guys again next time we need to leave Bolt either for a few days or a few weeks.” — Justin


“We had our dog boarded with Karen and we were extremely happy that she took such good care of our dog Cody, while we were in Europe for a family event! Cody was limping a bit (front paw) and Karen saw that it became worse. She contacted our vet, to see if it was alright to give some relief for the pain(an anti-inflammatory drug for dogs, which she had in her house). Because we were in Europe and hard to reach, Karen reached out to our son, who lives in Toronto and he contacted us to get our approval as well for the anti-inflammatory tablets. We were very impressed with her decision to call our vet, before she administered it. When we came home, we went right away to our vet and he confirmed that Cody had broken his wrist. He prescribed more anti-inflammatory tablets. Most of the time, people would not go this extra mile, but Karen did! We really appreciated this extra effort from her! We are very lucky to have found such a caring dog sitter!” — Julius and Anneke