Meet Bau and Chloe, the inspiration for Nosy Barkers. These two spoiled, apricot poodles have never stayed at a kennel.

Every dog deserves to stay in a loving home when mom and dad are away. So I’ve opened my doors to make sure your best friend enjoys your vacation too!

When your dogs are a part of the family, a cold, sterile cage is the last place you’d want to leave them. But that can really put a cramp in your lifestyle if you’ve got the traveling bug. I can’t tell you how many holidays and weekends away I missed out on because of it. If I couldn’t leave Bau and Chloe with a friend or family member then I just wasn’t going anywhere.

Now I’m happy to offer my home so other dog lovers can leave their pets behind and actually feel good about it. Joining me in my crusade for guilt-free travel are several like-minded dog lovers across the GTA.

Happy Travels!